Find your skill level within our hills of skills course scale and choose a suitable mountain bike or e-bike course.

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Our mountain bike skill courses address riders of all levels, from absolute beginners to pros. Therefor, we rely on the quality of our coaches as well as on the most effective didactics. Our head coaches bring a ton of knowledge to the team, drawing on their experience as professional racers and educational practitioners.

In our group and private coachings our professionally trained mountain bike instructors are reactive to your personal needs to maximize safety and flow on the trails.



Is it the first time that you are riding a mountain bike, or do you already have some experience riding easy terrain (streets, dirt roads, etc.)? Singletrails and Bikeparks are uncharted territories for you? Then start your adventure on two wheels with our RiDE. courses!

Our RiDE. courses show kids, teenagers, and adults the fascination of mountain biking and will spark your adventure on two wheels.

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Are you already mastering the essential bike handling skills and are you ready to build on them to boost your riding? You enjoy biking easy single trails, however steep terrain, rocks and roots make you feel uncomfortable? You want to become a more consistent rider by gaining confidence on challenging single trails and in bike parks?

In our eXplore. courses, we teach you techniques for gaining speed, maintaining flow, and conserving momentum. Discover your skills safely.

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You spend lots of time in your saddle and rate yourself as a very experienced rider? You are already mastering difficult trails as well as bike parks? However, sometimes you feel limited, and finding the final touch in your riding skills would allow a cleaner line, a safer jump, or a higher cornering speed?

In our PROGRESS. courses we optimize your riding skills, boost your style, and help you to reach the next skill level when riding berms, jumps, roots, rock gardens, and jumplines. 




You quickly get arm pump when riding downhill, your feet or hands fall asleep while pedaling, if you ride longer you get knee or back pain, you are not sure whether the width of your handlebar or the length of your stem fits your ergometry, or you want to get even more out of your suspension?

With our bike-fitting, we optimize your ergometry on the bike and adjust the suspension (fork and damper) to your body weight and riding ability. An optimally adjusted bike is the basis for more fun on the trail.


Courses for RiDE. | eXplore. | PROGRESS. Units Value
Kids 8-16 years (younger riders upon inquiry)
Group Course 1/2 day 3h 90€
Camp inlcuding lunch break supervision 1 day at 5h 120€
Camp inlcuding lunch break supervision 2 days at 5h 220€
Camp inlcuding lunch break supervision 3 days at 5h 300€
3-Day-Camp extention + 2 days at 5h 150€
Private coaching* 2,5h 220€
Private coaching* 3h 260€
Private coaching* 4h 340€
Group course 1/2 day 3h 90€
Private coaching* 2,5h 220€
Private coaching* 3h 260€
Private coaching* 4h 340€
Bike Fitting / SET UP 1h 100€
Ladies Camp 2 days at 4h 220€
E-Bike days 2 days at 4h 220€
GUIDING & SKILLS** REGION 1 DAY upon request
Corporate events & INCENTIVES upon request
Group course, one day or more upon request
*Price for 1 person, max. 2 more additional participants for each 30€
** Guided tours with riding skills development for up to 12 participants

All group courses & camps: minimum of 4, maximimum of 8 participants
All services per person – lift tickets, rental gear, meals and accomodation are not included

Good to know

Does the coaching also take place in bad weather?

Since we are in the outdoor segment with our sport, we have to be able to cope with any weather conditions, according to the well-known saying: “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!”

Coaching therefore takes place in all weathers!

In the event of imminent danger (e.g. thunderstorms), coaching will be interrupted at short notice to ensure the safety of the participants.

How can I determine my driving level in order to book the right course?

Level RiDE.

This is your first time on a mountain bike or you already have some experience on flat terrain (roads, dirt tracks etc.) Single trails or bike parks are new territory for you.

Level eXplore.

Have you already mastered the basic techniques of mountain biking and would like to develop them further and learn something new? You enjoy easy single trails, but struggle as soon as it gets steep, rooty or rocky. You have a little experience on difficult single trails or in bike parks, but would like to become more confident.


Berms, root jumps, rock gardens, jumplines, technical single trails or the World Cup Downhill make your heart beat faster? With our PROGRESS. Courses we increase your skill level individually and in a structured way.

Which routes are driven in the respective driving level during coaching?


Downhill-oriented course. Start on flat terrain to learn the basic technique. Putting the basic technique into practice in the bike area/mini-bike park (green routes). This is followed by practicing what you have learned on the flowline (blue routes).

Level eXplore. DOWNHILL

Downhill-oriented course. Short repetition of basic technique on flat terrain. Refinement of the technique on the flow trail (blue route). Further implementation of the advanced basic technique on the single trail/rookie trail (red routes).


Downhill-oriented course. Short repetition of basic technique on flat terrain. Refinement of the technique or “warm up” on the flow trail (blue route). Further implementation of the advanced basic/jump technique on the single trail/rookie trail (red routes) or in the downhill section or on the jumpline.


Up- and downhill-oriented e-bike course. Start on flat terrain to learn the basic technique. Putting what you have learned into practice on the uphill trail or applying the basic technique downhill on the Flowline (blue route).

Level eXplore. UP-/DOWNHILL

Up- and downhill-oriented e-bike course. Start on flat terrain to acquire the basic technique. Implementing what you have learned and refining the basic technique on the uphill trail or applying and refining the basic technique downhill on the flowline (blue route) and on the single trail/rookie trail (red routes).

In group courses, the right level plays a major role in order to achieve a certain homogeneity for the coaching. For private coaching, the level is adjusted individually on site according to previous experience and ability.

What minimum equipment do I need for coaching?
  • A mountain bike suitable for the bike park in maintained condition – fully (front & rear suspension) or hardtail (front suspension only). The hardtail is only conditionally suitable for blue trails!
  • Helmet – half-shell helmet (for green & blue trails) or full-face helmet (mandatory for red & black trails!)
  • Goggles – sports goggles or bike goggles
  • Gloves – full finger gloves recommended!
  • Additional protectors – such as knee and elbow pads – recommended!
  • Clothing suitable for the weather – e.g. weather protection in the form of a rain/wind jacket (possibly a change of clothes)
What if I have forgotten my equipment or it is incomplete?

Missing equipment can be purchased or rented at the Wexl Trails/Bikepark Planai Schladming bike rental shop. Mountain bikes should be reserved well in advance.

Bike rental Bründl Sports – Bikepark Planai Schladming

Bike rental Wexl Trails

What cancellation conditions apply if a booking is canceled?

Cancellation must be made by e-mail or telephone. In the event of a no-show without cancelation, the full amount will be charged. Group courses and private lessons: 8 – 5 days before the start of the event 0%. 4 – 1 day(s) before the start of the event 50%. Cancellation on the day of the event 100% and no-show on the day of the event 100% cancellation fee.

For all camps and multi-day events, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged if canceled 1 month to 1 week before the event and 100% if canceled 6 – 1 day(s) before the event. We recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance to cover possible cancellation fees!

In case of no-show, the full amount will also be charged.

Special regulation in case of illness or injury: Cancellation should be made immediately by e-mail or telephone. If you are already in the cancellation period, we also require a doctor’s/hospital confirmation in order to be able to cancel the booking free of charge.

In the case of group bookings – including private coaching with several participants – only the person who has had an accident or fallen ill will be canceled free of charge!

There are various options for the reversal of services that have already been paid for; these are agreed individually.

When is a group course canceled due to too few participants?

Our group courses are held with a minimum of 3 participants. We would like to point out that the online registrations do not necessarily correspond to the actual number of participants. If, contrary to expectations, the minimum number of 3 participants is not reached up to 2 days before the start of the course, you will immediately receive a course cancellation by e-mail or a phone call.

If the booked course has already been paid for, you will receive a credit note or we will endeavor to rebook or cancel the course.

What services are included in the stated course costs?

All course prices quoted by us include only the services offered by the BIKE SCHOOL PEKOLL, excluding equipment, rental material, lift ticket, meals and accommodation.


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