Graz trails

Graz trails


ROT (Mittel)
eXplore. & PROGRESS.

Knight Rider

The ascend starts behind the Eggenberg Castle at the corner of Baiernstraße 24 – Jägersteig and follows the forest road to the Fürstenwarteweg. Once there, you follow the further course of the Plabutscherstraße to the left, and signposts will lead you to the starting point.

The start and the course of the trail are well marked. Finally, the technical single trail leads back down to Eggenberg Castle in Graz. You can expect fast traverses, root sections, stone passages, steep sections, and everything else that determines a decent single trail. If one descent is not enough, you can cycle back up to the starting point at the end of the trail.

The trail is not suitable for beginners and requires ambitious riding technique and very good bike control!

Start: Plabutscherstraße II, 8052 Graz
Ziel: Baiernstraße 24 – Eggenberg

BLAU (leicht)
RiDE. & eXplore.

Short West

As the name suggests, the second official trail on the Plabutsch leads to the west side of the mountain. This trail is perfect for anyone who is comfortable riding forest roads but wants to venture into more challenging terrain. On this trail, you will find small obstacles such as flat roots and small stones on moderate to medium-steep terrain which is perfect to improve your riding.

Here you can learn and implement the basic technical foundations of mountain biking, such as correct body positioning, weight shifting when riding downhill, adjusted braking and cornering techniques. Additionally, riding the trail several times consecutively will boost your riding even more.

Start: Lookout Plabutschtunnel
Ziel: Herrgott auf der Wies

BLAU (leicht)
RiDE. & eXplore.

Enzi Trail

The “Enzi Trail” is located on the Platte, an elevation at 651 m above sea level on the outskirts of the city of Graz. A bike tour on the Platte is considered a classic in the Graz MTB community. Here, you will find numerous ascends and a trail with several different sections. Bike park similar sections alternate with naturally created single trails and easy jumps.

This is the ideal playground for beginners and advanced riders to learn, implement and improve basic mountain biking skills. Furthermore, you will foretaste what it is like to ride in a bike park.

Start: Dürrgrabenweg 29, 8045 Graz
Ziel: Dürrgrabenweg 29, 8045 Graz

ROT (Mittel)

Ois Z‘Spath Line

This line is the latest addition to the Enzi Trails. Here, things get serious as you need to have perfect technique, to master the big jumps in the line. However, if you are able to generate enough speed you will be rewarded with a good amount of airtime. Anyone who succeeds will experience an unbelievable run.

This trail is not for beginners as excellent jumping/riding technique is required.

Start: Einfahrt Enzitrails
Ziel: Dürrgrabenweg 29, 8045 Graz

ROT (Mittel)
eXplore. & PROGRESS.

Sweet potato trail

The sweet potato trail is located in Kalkleiten in the municipality of Stattegg submontane the Schöckel. The downhill trail was opened during the Enduro ÖM and is considered to be very technical. Furthermore, the trail has a very natural style as the terrain is not majorly adapted. You can expect root passages, tight corners, rocky sections, and narrowings. As a result, the trail is the perfect place for you to take your riding to the next level.

Start: Kalkleitenstraße 14 – following a meadow path into the forest
Ziel: Lässerhof – Stattegger Straße – Graz St. Veith


Fair Play

Close all pasture gates. Protect and respect nature and animals. Do not litter the nature around you. Avoid being unnecessarily loud. Stay on marked trails and avoid leaving skid marks. Look out for agricultural vehicles. Mind your speed and be ready to stop at any time needed. Be aware of other bikers and hikers. Hikers have priority, particularly on narrow trails. A friendly “Hallo” ensures a good vibe. Look out for wildlife, pets, or farm animals on the tracks. Follow and respect signs. Only ride wearing a helmet. Only ride a maintained bike free of any technical issues. Choose lines and trails according to your skill level. Bring weatherproof clothes, tools, and an additional tube.


Pre-RiDE. & eXplore.:
Inspect trails and features carefully, to prepare effectively for a new day on the mountain.

Re-RiDE. & eXplore.:
Ride one trail a couple of times to get to know its characteristics and special features. Experience flow.

Free-eXplore. & PROGRESS.:
Increase riding speed and radicalness according to your skill level and approach bigger features carefully.

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